Muck Away is the process of clearing out a development site. In other words, muck away is removing the waste material and disposing of it correctly, according to its type.

There are three main categories of muck: Inert, Non – Hazardous and Hazardous.

  • Inert Muck Away – The soil is not contaminated and will not cause harm to humans or environment. It can be reused.
  • Non – Hazardous Muck Away – The landfill has low level of contamination that is not harmful to humans or environment, however, it needs to be handled correctly. It can be recovered and reused.
  • Hazardous Muck Away – The landfill contains substances that may harm humans and the environment, but it doesn’t necessarily represent an immediate risk.

Many construction and excavation projects have an element of hard breakout. This can include:

Concrete away

Concrete away

Is the removal of concrete breakout from foundation or demolition.


Hardcore away

Is removal of rubble arising from demolition.

tarmac away

Tarmac Away

Is the removal of old roadways and driveways or carparks.